Dungeon Master for Hire

Worldwide GM through Roll20 Online Play

In-person Game Master in the greater Charlotte, North Carolina area

If you are looking for a Dungeon Master for your next Dungeons & Dragons session with your friends or co-workers, want to make some new friends who love D&D, want to learn to play the game, or are looking for an amazing team building event, you have found the DM you are looking for! Since 2017 I have been offering my services as a professional Dungeon Master for players just like you, including weekly games, monthly sessions, and one-time events.


New to tabletop role-playing games? I've played with dozens of new players, and I can teach you how to play D&D.


For veteran players, I offer in-depth, highly prepared sessions that will immerse you in a deep, long-term campaign that we will actually play to completion.


Make your event an adventure to remember! I offer one-shot adventures for corporate team building events, birthday parties, and more.

I have played some form or another of D&D for 8 years now, and nearly two of those years I’ve known Loren. He is without a doubt the most creative and talented person I’ve had the pleasure of playing with. Not only are his games fun, but the decisions he makes for the characters in the game make sense (and usually lead to an interesting story I feel excited about uncovering). If you like action, suspense, and drama, Loren is your man.

- Thomas B.

What I Offer

  • Amazing Adventures

    Dozens of adventure modules are available, including D&D classics and exciting custom options.

  • Learn D&D

    If this is your first time playing, we will take the time to make sure you are ready for the adventure.

  • Roll20 Online Play

    Play with tabletop game lovers from all over the world using the Roll20 Virtual Tabletop.

  • Source Books

    I have all the source material you'll need, whether we play in person or on a virtual tabletop.

  • The Cinematic Experience

    My background is in film and TV, and I'll bring that to game night as we share an epic story.

  • A Safe Space

    I don't tolerate bullying, sexism, racism, homophobia, or other intolerant behavior at my tables.

  • Fair Rules

    I am very well versed in the rules of D&D, and I'll do everything I can to be fair to everyone at the table.

  • A Living World

    Whatever adventure you play, events and characters won't remain stagnant. The world will react to your choices.

  • The Whole Campaign

    You've probably heard horror stories of online DM's bailing. I've guided dozens of groups through complete campaigns, and can do the same for you.

  • High Quality Preparation

    Not only am I always prepping fun encounters or new content, but I'll take time to answer your questions outside of the game.

  • Your Game, Your Way

    No matter if you want combat, role play, exploration, puzzles, or a combo, I'll make sure to cater the game to your group's playstyle.

  • Something for Everyone

    I run games for all ages, including corporate events, birthday parties, one-shots, and weekly groups.

As a first time user of Roll20, I couldn’t have asked for a better DM than Loren. He is always well prepared and very welcoming of any questions, thoughts, or concerns during, before, or after the session. Would definitely recommend him to anyone, and hope to run more campaigns with him.

- Chris E.


Three simple ways to get started today.

Cornoavirus and Service Update

Thank you so much for your interest in my services! Due to the current pandemic, I have reached max capacity for the games I can provide. I am not currently accepting new players, and cannot keep up with responses to all inquiries that I am receiving. If you would like your name to go on a wait list for potential new players, or if you have a question outside of standard game inquires, please feel free to contact me. Thanks for understanding, and happy gaming!

Learn to Play


3-4 hour workshop for 4-6 players.

You will learn how to play 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons.

You will learn how to use Roll20 to play online.

Play a short adventure to experience role play, exploration, and combat.

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Weekly Roll20 Game


per person/month

Play online from your own home, hotel room, or anywhere on the globe you have a solid internet connection.

Weekly 3.5 hour sessions playing one of dozens of available adventure modules.

Pro Roll20 features including API scripts, dynamic lighting, custom music, and more.

Custom Discord channel and shared community exclusively for players in my games.

The first session is always free!

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Team Building/Events

Contact for Pricing and Details

Character workshops.

Learn to play.

4 hours or more.

In person at your location.

Free dice set for each player.

Unlimited players.

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All options are subject to availability. For any questions regarding the pricing plans above, don't hesitate to contact me!