Team Building and Corporate Training

Dungeons & Dragons is incredibly easy to quickly learn and play, and provides an ideal setting to bond with co-workers or to make training within your organization more impactful and fun.

Why D&D for your team or event?

D&D is a dynamic, interactive, team-oriented environment. It encourages group problem-solving, effective communication, creativity, and having a fun time.

D&D Essentials Kit

01. Promotes Creative Problem Solving and Collaboration
The core ingredient of D&D is solving problems. This is what truly makes tabletop RPG’s stand out from video games - there are no pre-set solutions, and you can literally try anything! The most fun stories that players will talk about after the game comes from solutions that are unexpected and unique. The chance of success is based on the skills of individual characters. Different characters will have different skills, meaning there is a better chance for success if you work together, and even more chance of success if you find ways to combine skills of multiple characters. Because of this, the game is a great way for a team to stretch their creativity in ways that help them work better as a team, and to see the consequences of their actions in a fun, relaxed environment.

02. Strengthens Team
Dungeons & Dragons is a game that relies on diversity to create a well rounded team. Each character has a different class that defines a specific set of skills - somewhat like a job. Only by working as a team and embracing the differences can a group actively overcome all the obstacles of the game. A group that is entirely made up of fighters will have certain strengths and weaknesses, just as a group made up entirely of wizards would have a completely different set of strengths and weaknesses. By having a mix of classes, the group can depend on different people to handle the areas of they game where the are strongest, giving the team the chance to learn how to leverage the strengths of a group to their advantage – just like real life!

03. Promotes Leadership
RPG’s are games where groups must work together to achieve a common goal. Within most groups, it is often useful for someone to take a leadership role. A boss/supervisor/team leader can either take charge, or step aside and allow other team members to explore their leadership potential. Either way, this game provides a low-stakes opportunity for a group to explore leadership dynamics.

04. Builds Individual Confidence and Group Cohesion
Dungeons & Dragons is an activity that asks each participant to take on a role and perform as that character in front of a group of peers. While each participant determines how in-depth their performance is, the act of using voices, mannerisms, and behaviors of a fictional character can allow players in the game to become more confident in expressing themselves, giving a safe low-stakes platform to help build individual confidence and empower more voices within your team.

05. Teaches About Dealing with Interpersonal Interactions
D&D is a game of imagination and group interaction. Because of this, disagreements or alternate points of view are bound to be a part of the game. Most of these disagreements are by design, as the characters that the players are controlling may intentionally have conflicting goals or ideals. Part of the gameplay design is to allow for this type of in game friction, providing players an opportunity to role-play the discussions over the fictional problem. This can provide excellent low-stakes opportunities for people to discover how to deal with individuals they disagree with, find ways to voice their dissenting opinions within a group, and how to find compromise or accept others differing opinions while still working towards a common goal.

06. Flexes Imagination
While there are visual aids, maps, and diagrams that can help players visualize certain moments (especially combat), most of the game takes place in the “theater of the mind” of the players. Because of this, every person at the table has a slightly different experience. They don’t imagine the world, the rooms they are in, the villages they pass through, and the people they meet in the same way. This is a pretty amazing thing, because despite this all the players will walk out with a shared experience where they fought for a common goal. This is a great way for a team to view a company – the same, but different – because it’s the different points of view in a team that often lead to success.

Options for your corporate or team building event

We can custom plan an adventure that will be tailored to the needs of your team. If there are specific areas such as Problem Solving or Confidence Building that you want to specifically address, we can work those aspects into the game design. If there are specific corporate values you want to see the team address, we can find creative ways to include those in the story too. If you just know your team really wants to fight a dragon, we can make it all about fighting a dragon.

Don't see what you are looking for? Have some other awesome idea? That's OK! Just let me know, and we can probably find a way to make it happen!

Loren Is a great GM. His stories are well developed, his character voices are great, and he is more than happy to work with the players to make something happen. Give him a chance and you won't be disappointed.

- Justin